Graduate Program in Environmental Science - PROCAM

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The Graduate Program in Environmental Science (PROCAM) is linked to the Institute of Energy and Environment at the University of São Paulo (IEE-USP) and offers Masters' and PhD courses. It is an Interdisciplinary Program, established in

1989. It aims to train researchers, enabling them to develop solutions to the different socio-environmental needs of society.
Issues such as global warming, biodiversity conservation, contaminated areas, water resources and urban solid waste management pose some of the greatest challenges today. Socio-environmental issues are no longer considered a novelty and have been incorporated into the public policies of different governments. They are also a concern for social movements.
Our academic staff consists of researchers in the Life, Earth, Human, Exact and Applied Sciences. Interdisciplinarity is our main priority. Together, we seek to understand the complexity of the problems created by different social formations and their relationship with the environment.
The challenge in training researchers with varied scientific backgrounds results in a comprehensive reflection on socio-environmental issues and encourages interaction between professionals from different areas, at local, national and international levels.


  • Objectives:
-Produce scientific knowledge on socio-environmental issues and promote this knowledge at local, national and international levels;
-Promote cooperation and joint work between national and international teaching and research institutions on socio-environmental issues.
-Produce cutting edge, interdisciplinary research on socio-environmental issues;
-Train researchers capable of investigating new frameworks for analyzing and understanding socio-environmental processes, adopting approaches from different academic fields.
-Create, develop and implement methodologies and technologies geared toward the resolution of socio-environmental issues.


  • Mission:
-Analyze socio-environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective;
-Bring together researchers from different fields of knowledge to propose new solutions to socio-environmental problems;
-Build human resources capacity to find solutions to socio-environmental challenges.